Pipe Flow Wizard

Pipe Flow Wizard 1.12

Pipe Flow Wizard helps calculating pipe pressure drop and flow rate

Pipe Flow Wizard allows calculating pipe pressure drop and flow rate, being a simple-to-use, accurate and handy “what if” piping calculation solution for both liquids and gases.
It comes with a simple interface that allows performing 4 different types of calculations for a single pipe based on known data.

The first one of these calculations is the pressure drop caused by friction losses in a pipe. Pipe Flow Wizard will calculate this parameter using the Darcy Weisbach equation. The pressure drop will be calculated with the help of already known data including the pipe material, inner roughness, inner diameter, length of pipe, fluid flow rate, fluid density and viscosity, etc.

The second one is the flow rate of a fluid in the involved pipe. The same principles are applied as for the above type of calculation, meaning that you have to provide some data such as the pipe material or the pipe length in order for the calculation to be performed.

The third supported calculation type is the one of the pipe diameter. You will be able to quickly find the needed internal diameter sizing for a given flow and pressure. The fourth one is the pipe length, also for a given flow rate and pressure value.

I like that the interface of the program can be changed between displaying all the four types of calculations at once and displaying only one type of calculation at a time. Changing between metric and imperial measurement unit types is also supported. The comprehensive fluid database is also a nice feature in my opinion, as it lets you quickly find out the viscosity and density values for common fluids.

In an end note, this neat tool is of undeniable help to any professional who has to deal with pipe flow calculations. It’s easy to use and affordable.

Margie Smeer
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  • Comes with a handy fluid database
  • Can use both metric and imperial units
  • Neat, customizable interface


  • Works on a single length of pipe (Networks of pipes are not supported)
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